In Germany and Thuringia there are several organizations and associations that focus on various areas relating to the topic of migration and integration refugees. We have listed some of them below for those of you who are interested, The information is aimed at everyone who wants to learn more about the various institutions or organizations that are committed to refugees, refugees and migrants.

1. Networking and social integration
2. Legal advice and legal representation
3. Training and employment advice
4. Medical advice and psychological care

1. Networking and social integration

The Refugee Council Thuringia eV
What : The Refugee Council Thuringia eV, founded in 1997, advocates fair reception and living conditions for refugees and is a member of the nationwide PRO ASYL working group. 
Purpose : As a politically independent association, the Refugee Council wants to be a networking point in Thuringia for people who are involved in refugee work. He is committed to protecting migrants and refugees from discriminatory and racist prejudice.
Contact : Due to coronavirus restrictions, appointments can only be made by prior arrangement. More details can be found here.

Integration and Migration in Thuringia
What : are on the online portal “Integration and Migration in Thuringia” different ways of integration listed by overcoming language and cultural barriers
Z wake : The digital platform for integration and migration in Thuringia provides resources that at help greet, orientate and integrate migrants and refugees in Thuringia, for example with regard to language and cultural barriers.   
Contact : Here you can find out more about the Center for Integration and Migration Erfurt (ZIM) and here you can find out more about the network for integration of the state capital Erfurt.

2. Legal advice and representation

3. Training and employment

advice. 4. Medical advice and psychological support